What is TanDen?

The word TanDen comes from Japanese, meaning “center of the body”. In the Eastern traditions, this means the physical center of gravity for the human body and by extension the seat of one’s internal energy.In the Japanese martial arts, it is believed that when the “inner center” moves in a certain direction, all parts of the body will follow. For example, if only one’s foot moves, the rest of the body will not necessarily cooperate and participate in the action. However, if your inner center moves, all the organs in the body will function in sync with one another.

How does this connect to communication?

Gina Shaffer (nee Gluch), a marketing and communications specialist and skilled martial artist created TanDen Concepts, to integrate the spirit of an ancient Japanese expression, with the dogma for modern business acumen.

TanDen Concepts firmly believes that communications in any organization should be its TanDen – its “inner center”. Without placing communications to all stakeholders at the axis of one’s business or company, cooperation and cohesiveness amongst all those involved are rarely achieved.

TanDen Concepts ensures that one’s marketing and communications activities work in sync with an organization’s business objectives and strategy. Taking this “big picture” approach promotes consistency, productivity and creativity.