Communication Matters… Keep an Overall Perspective

Sep 3rd, 2012 | By | Category: High Tech, Marketing, News

Have you ever been involved with a company that constantly attempts to increase investment profiles, and stocks – without having foresight of the consequences? Take for example, Apple. Yes – once again, I am using this mammoth of a company as a model (and that is not necessarily a “model” to replicate…). Reports are growing about its new iPhone and possibly an iPad mini release. There have been numerous photos that have been “leaked” out (how do the images get ‘leaked’ in the first place, is another discussion in and of itself…) that have appeared in the media.

I often see this in the high-tech industry where businesses launch a flagship product, work on the sales initiatives and then a few months later, announce an upgraded version which will soon “be released”. What happens then with the “old” version, which is currently on the market, that the sales people still have to attempt to sell? Why should people buy the current version when they can just wait a few months for the release of a more improved product?

Communicating issues of relevance about a company should be carefully deliberated. Senior management often rush to get press releases out, just because they feel like something “should be said” about their company. However, the old cliché, “think before you speak” should definitely be practiced here.

When developing new product lines and upgrading older ones, much thought should be given about the marketing aspects – right at the development stage. Often, it is too late to start thinking about promoting the product just before it is ready to go to market. The right market research and planning can go a long way to success – not just of the product in question, but the effect the initiative can have on the rest of the company’s solutions.

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