iPad 3 A Success?

Mar 28th, 2012 | By | Category: High Tech

The launch of the new iPad has been considered a huge success – or has it? Already Apple faces a court order in Australia for misleading customers. An article on the Bloomberg news website reports that the “Nation’s Consumer Commission accused the company of misleading people that the new tablet is compatible with local 4G networks”

The article continues to report that “The company also plans to post a statement on its website and at stores to alert consumers that its iPad 3 isn’t compatible with Telstra Corp. (TLS)’s 4G network”

The obvious question, is why has the company not done so already??? Why has it waited for a lawsuit to be threatened, to take these simple, “customer-centric” steps. Surely when people went to purchase these new iPads, that is one of the factors that should have been communicated clearly to them?

One wonders what else the Company “did not make clear” to prospective customers?

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