iPad launch – Is this some kind of marketing ploy?

Mar 11th, 2012 | By | Category: High Tech, Marketing

I find it hard to believe that once again Apple seems to have run out of stock even before the launch of its new iPad. Is the super giant really this unprepared – once again ( last year it also happened) or is this some kind of clever marketing ploy?

As Computerworld reported:
“In an April 2011 conference call with Wall Street analysts, Tim Cook, at the time its chief operations officer, called demand “staggering” and admitted orders were bogged down in the “mother of all backlogs.” Not until the mid-point of 2011′s third quarter did Apple claim iPad 2 supplies had matched demand. ”
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I’m hoping that it really is some kind of marketing technique, because if it really is this ‘unprepared’ for the release, the PR consequences could be a real challenge for the company.

I’m interested to see what others think about this…

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